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SearchData is a powerful API that extracts Google SERP data in real-time: organic results, images, trends, news and many more.

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Real-time SERP Data with a simple and fast API

SearchData collects data from search engines and transforms it into a complete data toolkit for every team in your company.

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One API.
Cleaner code.

Use one API to collect data from all sources. We have SDKs for NodeJS, Python and many more.

The ultimate data pipeline from Google and many more

Rotating Proxies

Global geotargeting

Get results from anywhere in the world using our Location API

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Get results for mobile, tablet and desktop

Our technology enables you to get device-matching data.

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Structured data in your preferred format

We transform queries to structured JSON, CSV or HTML data from all sources including organic search results, ads, images, videos and many more.

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Data with no hassle at your fingertips

Forget about CAPTCHAs, browsers, proxies or maintaining a codebase

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Our feedback

Take our word for it or see what others are saying:

John Feynman

Very happy with SearchData so far. It’s become a crucial part of our content marketing strategy and we’re already seeing the results.

John Feynman

Alger Tarston

I never used data extraction tools until now so the support team has been a huge help for me. They’ve been very prompt and informative, kudos!

Alger Tarston

Jenny Kent

SearchData has taken a huge burden off our devs’ shoulders, taking on many of the tasks we had to do ourselves.

Jenny Kent

Lucas Faure

I’ve recently launched a new product with its own website and the API greatly helped me define the keyword and overall SEO strategy for the site and brand.

Lucas Faure

Samuel Flynt

So far I’ve tried several search results scrapers and SearchData has proven to be the most convenient and reliable choice. Keep up the good work!

Samuel Flynt

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