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The API solves all possible roadblocks, so you get all the information you need, hassle-free

Never blocked

Anti-block features

SearchData automatically manages all possible hurdles such as Javascript rendering, CAPTCHAs, IP blocks, and any other pain point you may face. All you have to do is point it in the right direction.

Rotating proxies

Premium rotating proxies

You gain access to a proxy pool of over 100+ million IP addresses worldwide. All proxies are residential, ensuring maximum anonymity and minimum chances of being blocked.

Accurate locations

Precise geolocation

Pick an IP based on the desired location, down to the postal code. This way, you get search results as if you were in that exact spot, uncovering local data from all corners of the world.

Exact data for your exact needs


Instead of sifting through useless info, SearchData helps you find exactly what you want and processes the data immediately.

Never blocked

Endless customization options

With each API call, you have plenty of optional request parameters that will help you get the exact information you need, with no extra fat.

Rotating proxies

Ready-to-use JSON files

SearchData processes the SERP data and generates JSON files with structured content, prepared to be passed on to the next step of your data processing pipeline.

Accurate locations

All the information SERPS have to offer

The API provides you with all the information search engines have to offer: organic results, ads, images, videos, locations, similar searches, and many more.

An API you can rely on


Our mission is to deliver your data quickly and reliably.

Never blocked

Data gathering at the speed of light

With each API call, you have plenty of optional request parameters that will help you get the exact information you need, with no extra fat.

Rotating proxies

Stability above all else

The API handles millions of requests on a daily basis without errors or hiccups. No matter what you need, Searchdata helps you get much-needed data with no complications.

Accurate locations

The best tech you can find

With Amazon Web services under the hood, SearchData ensures quality services delivered with the minimum wait time thanks to its top of the line infrastructure.

Data with no hassle at your fingertips

Forget about CAPTCHAs, browsers, proxies or maintaining a codebase

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Our feedback

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Very happy with SearchData so far. It’s become a crucial part of our content marketing strategy and we’re already seeing the results.

John Feynman

I never used data extraction tools until now so the support team has been a huge help for me. They’ve been very prompt and informative, kudos!

Alger Tarston

SearchData has taken a huge burden off our devs’ shoulders, taking on many of the tasks we had to do ourselves.

Jenny Kent

I’ve recently launched a new product with its own website and the API greatly helped me define the keyword and overall SEO strategy for the site and brand.

Lucas Faure

So far I’ve tried several search results scrapers and SearchData has proven to be the most convenient and reliable choice. Keep up the good work!

Samuel Flynt

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